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Support our efforts by purchasing a Conmurra sticker, shirt or hat. 100% of profits go to our conservation programs.

You can also help cover the yearly cost of protecting an endangered species by directly sponsoring an animal. 

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Sponsor an animal - Rufous Bettong

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Sponsor a Bettong at Conmurra today!

Your sponsorship will go directly towards looking after one of the vulnerable Rufous Bettongs at Conmurra. Bettongs are mini-kangaroos that stand about 30cm tall, eat roots, insects and fungi but are quick enough to out-run a horse! Sponsorship funds will be used to cover costs for one animal for one year, and include daily feeding requirements, enclosure maintenance, transport and veterinary costs.

You will receive a Conmurra bumper sticker, post card and information about the wildlife at Conmurra.

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