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Hi, we are Andrea and Joel Little!

We came to Conmurra in 2013 to raise a family in the beautiful Aussie bush. It has become so much more than that. We realised that we could help others to reconnect with nature so opened up our Homestead Guest House and Mountain View Cabin to guests via Airbnb.

We have been Airbnb Superhosts since 2016 and love that people can come here to relax and experience the Aussie bush. We breed dingoes - Kimba and Kela - who are now part of our family and we love that their beautiful puppies go to other wildlife sanctuaries to help preserve the species.


In January 2020, we received approval to create a wildlife sanctuary for endangered native Australian animals. Five endangered species have been returned to Conmurra so far with more to come. Over the next few years we will create safe homes for more endangered wildlife and to contribute to important conservation efforts. 

Our goal

We want Conmurra to be a place of sanctuary for many local native Australian animals. We will continue to create habitats for the wildlife that exist, whilst building conservation programs for the wildlife that no longer lives in our areas.

We would like people to come along with us on our journey. Eco-tourism is a way for us to show people what the bush is really like, learn about these amazing animals and to help contribute funds towards our activities. And you an also have a relaxing weekend away from the city at the same time!

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